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Pinball has had a home on my iPad for a long time. It has been a great way to get away from the work mind and back to the 80’s in the arcade. Interesting, while the game looks great on the iPad, the overall device is actually on the large size. So, I was pretty excited when at the end of 2011, Pinball HD showed up for the Fire.

The game play on the Fire didn’t let me down. Pinball HD comes with the same three layouts: The Deep, Jungle, and Wild West. The action of the ball is very realistic as it bounces off the bumpers and around the curves of the tunnels. Even the movement of the flippers feels more like the real wood upright quarter games than a electronic representation. The colors and shading make the whole experience very realistic. I always make the mistake of call the game 3D rather than HD due to that realistic look and action.

The game states you can play with others across a WiFi network. I have yet to try that feature but am looking to run into another Fire/Pinball HD owner to see how it plays. Meanwhile, there is plenty to keep me busy just learning the game play on the easier to handle ‘Fire’ screen size.