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The Fire accepts PDFs to be installed and read like your eBooks. Other than being a page turner, there is little other features enabled for PDFs.

I found an app, ezPDF Reader, that takes the PDFs on my Fire to a whole new level. Amongst many features like reversing the text/background colors for easier reading and control over page flip animation, the big improvements are Voice Reading, Advanced Search and Annotations!

You read that right, ezPDF Reader will read your PDFs to you… now you can ‘read’ your PDF books while you drive. Audio playback of eBooks is a feature on the regular Kindles but not included on the Fire, with ezPDF, you get the feature.

Annotations, which is writing on PDFs is supported as well. ezPDF Reader provides a variety of tools to mark up PDFs, then share those PDFs back out to others to see with your additions included. Very handy to makes notes on a rough draft as you go then shoot it back to creative or the editors to clean up.