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What I was looking forward to with the 7 inch screen Fire was the ability to always have it with me as I buzzed around the office and home. I looked forward to being able to read books similar to their physical counterparts… and most important for entering and retrieving information on the go. I have been pretty happy with the PDF solution I mentioned earlier. But, missing for me, was the ability to take quick notes on the go. And to write when I have a moment without hauling around a notebook, a big tablet or worse trying to write on a smart phone.

This week I was excited to see Smart Writing Tool available for the Fire. After a bit of use, I found that it actually does work as I had hoped on a device I carry. I can create handwritten notes by writing in a text box that inserts either the ink or converted text on the note page. I can share the notes out to my Evernote account, as an email or to social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The handwriting ink to text works OK for me, generally though I keep my notes in my original handwriting. To really really use the handwriting recognition, it takes some practice to learn how to write letters to the software has an easier time. ‘E’ is a single line backward ‘3’, stuff like that. I’ll post up how Smart Writing Tool works at the office over the next few weeks, looks great so far!