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Since the Fire was introduces, I have been playing with a variety of stylus pens for writing on simple note apps and digital stickies. Now that there is a serious handwriting app on the Fire I carry around the office, I need to be able to write more.

I have been using the Acase stylus. It has worked very nicely. There is a slight squish when it contacts the pen, but the small tip makes it easy to see where I’m writing. And, the tip moves smoothly across the screen.

Recently, I have been using the Jot Stylus from Adonit. There is a pro version but the new ‘mini’ version has proven to go everywhere with me nicely. The Jot Pro is slightly heavier, has a rubber grip and magnets inside for iPad users. The Jot Mini has the same tip, screw on cap (that screws onto the other end when your using the stylus so you don’t loose the cap!!) and a pocket clip. The see through end provides a very solid connection between the stylus ‘pen’ and the surface of the Fire. I have yet to find a situation where the Mini Jot’s disc has issues gliding across the screen.