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Funamo is the leading parental control solution for Android and now it is available for Amazon Kindle Fire. Funamo Parental Control for Kindle Fire provides comprehensive protection with patent-pending web filtering, application control and …

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Funamo extends Android parental control to Amazon Kindle Fire – YAHOO!

Amazon has placed a cap on 3G broadband use for its Kindle e-readers, ending its previously unlimited free browsing. Browser use is now restricted to 50 megabytes per month for the devices. The cap will not include use of the e-readers on wifi …

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Amazon limits 3G use on Kindles to 50 megabytes a month – YAHOO!

For the past weeks, more and more devices have been showered with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean goodness through official releases and custom ROMs. This time around, the Amazon Kindle Fire gets to taste features of Jelly Bean through a custom ROM released by XDA …

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Amazon Kindle Fire: Upgrading to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via AOSP custom ROM – androidauthority.com

Muffi Ghadiali, an alumni of Amazon’s internal Lab126 (the team responsible for developing Amazon’s Kindle line of products), has been keeping an eye on every aspect of Ouya’s production according to an update to the project’s obscenely …

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Amazon Kindle alum overseeing Ouya production, hiring – Joystiq

Video description: Learn how to load Kindle books, Amazon Android Apps, and your Amazon Cloud Drive music collection onto a Nexus 7 tablet. Turn your Nexus 7 into a Kindle Fire Video Transcript An Amazon Kindle fire — — — make the move to a nexus seven …

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Turn your Nexus 7 into a Kindle Fire Video – CNET News

Want to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on an Amazon Kindle Fire? You can. It’s an unofficial software update that’s not supported by Amazon — but once you’ve applied the update you can install the Amazon Kindle, MP3, and Appstore apps and use them …

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Hashcode’s Jelly Bean update for the Kindle Fire: Now with Netflix – Liliputing

The tablet space has dramatically changed the way companies are operating. Years ago, no one would have thought that Google and Amazon would be competing in the tablet market against each other. In fact, it’s quite possible that, if asked just five years …

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2: 10 Features the Tablet Needs for Success – eWeek

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Kindle Fire Discount Code save $30 – Kindle Fire Coupon Code July & August 2012 – PRLog (free press release)

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Kindle fire coupon codes 2012 and super discount from Amazon – PRLog (free press release)

Rumor mills are turning for the Amazon Kindle Fire, as news about an upcoming new model of the bestselling Android tablet could arrive next month. According to gossip, the slate will build upon the original Kindle Fire that launched during fall of last year.

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Kindle Fire Will Come in 10-inch Displays – Social Barrel