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This year has been a difficult one for Amazon so far. The company reported a paltry second quarter earnings of $7 million on revenue of $12.83 billion, with a significant operating loss projected for Q3. To make matters worse, sales of their …

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Kindle Fire 2: Disrupt the Nexus 7 or get out of the way – ZDNet

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google unveiled its attempt to catch up to Apple and Amazon in the growing market for tablet computers. It also provided a titillating glimpse at its vision of a digital future through the mind-boggling lens of Internet-connected glasses.

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Google sells small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire – NewsChannel 9 WSYR

Amazon may be releasing a new Kindle Fire 2 this fall, but the better deal could be the original Kindle, if we believe the folks over at DealNews. If Amazon keeps the Kindle around, which would be a strategy similar to Apple’s iPad 2/new iPad idea, the …

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Report: Amazon Kindle Fire Could Drop as Low as $169 – Toms Hardware

Amazon is expected to dramatically increase its Kindle Fire tablet lineup from just one model to five or six, according to a new report. Demos Parneros, president of U.S. Retail for Staples, said Amazon is gearing up to introduce as many as a half-dozen …

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Amazon set to introduce ‘five or six’ new Kindle Fire models – report – Apple Insider

This is the first quality speaker dock for Kindle Fire, says Grace Digital. If you’re one of the five million or more consumers who own Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, you know its audio output isn’t the best. Not only are both speakers mounted at one end of …

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MatchStick Is a Dedicated Speaker Dock for Kindle Fire – Tom’s Guide

Amazon’s Kindle Fire may be cooling down. That’s according to Cowen analyst Kevin Kopelman, who today cut his forecast on the company’s revenue, as well as sales of its Kindle e-reader and Kindle Fire tablet. The forecast comes ahead of an …

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Kindle Fire forecast cut by analyst amid Nexus 7 concern – CNET News

Amazon, the online website giant, is rumored to rollout the Kindle Fire 2 in a fight to control their market share. Kindle Fire 2 will be their second-generation tablet in the Kindle Fire series. Facing competitors such as Google will be a …

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Kindle Fire 2 Release: Will 10 inch HD Screen Counter Nexus 7, iPad Mini? – gamenguide.com

Amazon’s new gaming platform for the Kindle Fire has a curious new feature that hints the company may be working on more Kindle Fire devices, such as another tablet or a smartphone. Basically, syncing allows players using Amazon’s social gaming network to …

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Amazon Hinting That a Smartphone Is Coming? – CNBC

I truly enjoy trying to figure out where Barnes and Noble is heading next with the Nook.  My track record at this has been spotty so far, but for some reason it’s fun, and given how out of favor they are I don’t really have a lot of competition.

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Kindle Rumors Imply Nook Smartphone – Motley Fool

The relatively easy-on-the-budget tablet Kindle Fire is getting a gaming revamp. Game developers will now be able to use Amazon.com Inc.’s new set of services called Amazon GameCircle. GameCircle’s features will let players keep track of …

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Amazon opens GameCircle for Kindle Fire – Los Angeles Times