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Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month? Our big rumor of the week is directly related to Google, so thankfully Karyne made it back to town just in time to witness the Google Glasses-wearing skydivers jump from a dirigible into Google I/O.

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Rumor Has It: Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month? (video) – CNET News

A new Google tablet will likely bring another successful addition to the company‚Äôs arsenal, and aim for the massively popular Android-based Amazon Kindle Fire. However, the online retail giant apparently wants to steal some of the hype on the search …

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New Kindle Fire Emerges on Eve of Google Tablet Announcement – Social Barrel

You can now watch HBO shows and movies on your Kindle Fire so long as you’re already an HBO subscriber. HBO Go coming soon to Android tablets HBO Go on the Xbox: Great, if your cable provider allows it I regret selling my DVDs You do need a Wi …

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Kindle Fire gets HBO Go – CNET News