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This year has been a difficult one for Amazon so far. The company reported a paltry second quarter earnings of $7 million on revenue of $12.83 billion, with a significant operating loss projected for Q3. To make matters worse, sales of their …

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Kindle Fire 2: Disrupt the Nexus 7 or get out of the way – ZDNet

As the rest of the nation is embroiled in Civil War, the Amana Colonies remain peaceful. Amalie Wiese arrives in the newly built village of Amana in 1863 only to find that her betrothed, Friedrich, has left to fight with the Union army. Amalie tries to …

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FREE Kindle Book: Love Finds You in Amana, Iowa + More – "Cents"able Mama

While the tech fraternity works itself up into a frenzy as to whether we’ll be seeing an iPad Mini, Amazon could be set to go in the opposite direction by increasing the size of its display for the next version of the Kindle Fire. According to the same …

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Kindle Fire 2 to have larger screen to rival iPad – Pocket-lint.com

He took ebooks from obscure market niche to major player in publishing with the Kindle and challenged the iPad with his own Kindle Fire. He’s even in outer space, developing an orbital spacecraft with NASA backing for his company Blue Origin.

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Rumors about an Amazon smartphone may be true – The News & Observer

It’s the most-asked question by consumers about any new tech gadget: “Should I get this now or is something better coming along soon?” For buyers of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, we now have the answer: You should have waited. Google (GOOG)’s …

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Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet Crushes Kindle: Rich Jaroslovsky – Bloomberg

Google’s Nexus 7 has no doubt put a damper on Kindle Fire sales. To sum it up best, the Nexus 7 is the best 7-inch tablet to own. Its display is sharper than the Fire, its thinner and it has at least one camera. That’s all in the past, because the next …

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Next Kindle Fire To Go Head-to-Head With Nexus 7 – NBC Bay Area

Have you ordered the new Nexus 7 Android tablet yet? You might want to out that on hold, because it looks like Amazon is going to release a better tablet in the not too distant future. AllThingsD is reporting that the new Kindle Fire 2 is going to launch …

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Kindle Fire 2 to Have Better Screen, Camera – AllThingsD – Mediabistro.com

The reviews are already in and if you believe them it looks like Apple [AAPL] has a hit on its hands with its mythical 7/8-inch iPad mini: meanwhile a selection of the unsubstantiated rumors suggest the new tablet will be thinner with slightly lower …

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iPad mini: Apple’s super-slim Amazon Kindle killer – Computerworld

Amazon looks set to update its Kindle Fire 7-inch Android- based tablet with a much higher resolution displayin line with the Google Nexus 7, according to AllThingsD. The next-generation Kindle Fire would debut sometime in Q3 packing a 1200×800 IPS display …

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Rumor: Next Kindle Fire to pack 1200×800 resolution display – Electronista

Amazon is preparing for a serious fight to keep its second place in the tablet market, and one weapon is a refreshed Kindle Fire expected to appear later this year. Fending off Apple’s iPad and Google’s new 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet, Amazon will make a …

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Next Kindle Fire Will be Thinner, With Better Display, Report Says – PC World