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Back when I wrote for CNN, I was taught we had eight seconds to get the main point across. So, here goes. Buy the Nexus 7. Unless you’re a huge Amazon user. Then get the Fire. There you go. No beating around the bush. Just a simple answer.

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How to decide: should you buy the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire? – ZDNet

Amazon is expected to dramatically increase its Kindle Fire tablet lineup from just one model to five or six, according to a new report. Demos Parneros, president of U.S. Retail for Staples, said Amazon is gearing up to introduce as many as a half-dozen …

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Amazon set to introduce ‘five or six’ new Kindle Fire models – report – Apple Insider

While the tech fraternity works itself up into a frenzy as to whether we’ll be seeing an iPad Mini, Amazon could be set to go in the opposite direction by increasing the size of its display for the next version of the Kindle Fire. According to the same …

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Kindle Fire 2 to have larger screen to rival iPad – Pocket-lint.com

Amazon looks set to update its Kindle Fire 7-inch Android- based tablet with a much higher resolution displayin line with the Google Nexus 7, according to AllThingsD. The next-generation Kindle Fire would debut sometime in Q3 packing a 1200×800 IPS display …

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Rumor: Next Kindle Fire to pack 1200×800 resolution display – Electronista

With the launch of the Google Nexus 7 tablet last week, it should come as no surprise that rumors have started appearing about a new version of its chief competition, Amazon’s Kindle Fire. As its sales have already softened, the Kindle Fire needs to be …

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Next Amazon Kindle Fire rumors: Higher quality, social gaming features – ZDNet

Rumor mills are turning for the Amazon Kindle Fire, as news about an upcoming new model of the bestselling Android tablet could arrive next month. According to gossip, the slate will build upon the original Kindle Fire that launched during fall of last year.

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Kindle Fire Will Come in 10-inch Displays – Social Barrel

Previous rumors that Amazon is adding new 7- and 10-inch models to its Kindle Fire line of tablets have been further teased by a new report. In the report, a “trusted” anonymous source claims that Amazon is readying two new Kindle Fire 2 models for release …

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Amazon readying two new Kindle Fire 2 tablets – Techradar.com

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch a new Kindle Fire later this year and drop the price of the existing tablet to $149 — moves that wouldn’t be much of a surprise given the need for a refresh and to guard against competition from Google, Apple and …

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Kindle Fire for $149? Seems Reasonable – PC World