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Sales of the Kindle Fire are tanking, and that says something important about the tablet market: “People want to get some work done on their tablets,” asserts IDC analyst Tom Mainelli. That seems pretty obvious, but for most of late fall and …

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Why the iPad has smoked the Kindle Fire – Infoworld

Amazon’s first-quarter Kindle Fire sales tanked, but the bookseller is reportedly planning a larger version of the Fire and a mid-year 7-inch refresh. However, the iPad remains the top-selling tablet.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Slumping, Company Preparing Refresh – eWeek

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Amazon.com Inc’s Kindle Fire was a popular gift item during the holiday season but shipments of the $199 tablet computer dropped sharply in the following months. Market share of Kindle Fire, which was launched with much …

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire shipments slump in Q1: IDC – msnbc.com

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., May 3, 2012 – A steep drop in shipments of Android-based tablets offset a strong quarter from Apple and caused the media tablet market to miss projections for the first quarter of 2012 (1Q12), according to preliminary data from the …

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Kindle Fire market share tumbles in Q1 as new iPad launches – YAHOO!

Yesterday, colleague Ed Oswald gave four very good reasons why Target is dumping Amazon ereaders and tablets. For Kindle Fire, perhaps there is another: It’s not selling. Today, IDC reports that Amazon tablet shipments collapsed during first …

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New iPad extinguishes Kindle Fire – Beta News

As tablets go, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is, well…on fire. According to IDC analysis, Amazon  managed to sell approximately 4.7 million of its new tablet in the last quarter of 2011 , scooping up just under 17 percent of the global tablet market share; and …

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Kindle Fire gets its own speaker dock – YAHOO!

Summary: Analyst figures show the Kindle Fire is grabbing tablet market share, but should it really be classified as an ereader instead?

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Kindle Fire: Blurring the tablet and ereader markets – ZDNet

Tablet shipments surged in the fourth quarter thanks to both Apple and Amazon. Lest we forget, Apple still has some competition. Though IDC confirmed big shipment numbers for Apple, the market researcher said Amazon made a good showing too.

iPad and Kindle Fire both strong in recent quarter, says IDC – CNET News

Ever since Amazon (AMZN) announced in September it would sell its Kindle Fire for a mere $199, the tablet has drummed up a lot of interest from developers and consumers alike. About half of the developers surveyed by Appcelerator and IDC in North America …

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Amazon’s new Kindle threatens Google – MSN Money

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has managed to do what many other Android tablets have failed to do: drum up interest from developers in North America. Among developers surveyed by Appcelerator and IDC, 49 percent said they considered the Kindle Fire their …

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Kindle Fire drawing more developer interest – CNET News