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As the rest of the nation is embroiled in Civil War, the Amana Colonies remain peaceful. Amalie Wiese arrives in the newly built village of Amana in 1863 only to find that her betrothed, Friedrich, has left to fight with the Union army. Amalie tries to …

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FREE Kindle Book: Love Finds You in Amana, Iowa + More – "Cents"able Mama

He took ebooks from obscure market niche to major player in publishing with the Kindle and challenged the iPad with his own Kindle Fire. He’s even in outer space, developing an orbital spacecraft with NASA backing for his company Blue Origin.

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Rumors about an Amazon smartphone may be true – The News & Observer

The reviews are already in and if you believe them it looks like Apple [AAPL] has a hit on its hands with its mythical 7/8-inch iPad mini: meanwhile a selection of the unsubstantiated rumors suggest the new tablet will be thinner with slightly lower …

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iPad mini: Apple’s super-slim Amazon Kindle killer – Computerworld

MetaMoJi Corporation is proud to announce the latest update to 7notes Premium for Kindle Fire. The updated version (1.3.2) includes backup functions and the ability to export notes as PDF files. MetaMoJi Corporation is proud to announce the latest update …

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7notes For Kindle Fire 1.3.2 Released – Update Adds Backup and PDF Export Features – YAHOO!

We carry expensive gadgets on us all the time now. On a flight we listen to music on an iPhone or read on a Kindle ebook reader. We watch movies on an iPad or play Angry birds on an Android. But what do you do if you misplace that device …

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You CAN recover stolen or lost gadgets, but it ain’t easy – Beta News

You can argue that Amazon’s brand is tied into its successful Kindle line of e-readers and tablet. But how strong is that brand? The Kindle Fire was hot out the gate, but wasn’t without its share of criticism and complaints. Unlike the iPhone …

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Amazon, here’s why you should stay away from smartphones – CNET News

Only the strongest flowers thrive in the wilderness. Rosemary Jackson has traveled all the way to the frozen tundra of North Dakota territory to visit her twin sister, Rachel. It’s been three long years since Rachel left Kansas with her new husband for …

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FREE Kindle Book: Love Finds You in Wildrose, ND + More – "Cents"able Mama

List pirce $199, so you can pay only $169 with Kindle Fire coupon code July and August 2012. Click to view any deals and coupons for Kindle Fire on Amazon.com. Instant update all Kindle Fire coupons from Amazon.com at official page : get Kindle fire coupon …

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Kindle Fire coupon code $30 discount at July and August 2012 – PRLog (free press release)

Online retailer Amazon reportedly has two new Kindle tablets in the works: a new and improved 7” Kindle Fire tablet and a bigger 10” tablet. The 7” Kindle Fire reportedly features a “vastly improved” exterior design said technology …

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Coming soon: Two new Kindle tablets – Hindustan Times

Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month? Our big rumor of the week is directly related to Google, so thankfully Karyne made it back to town just in time to witness the Google Glasses-wearing skydivers jump from a dirigible into Google I/O.

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Rumor Has It: Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month? (video) – CNET News