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Back when I wrote for CNN, I was taught we had eight seconds to get the main point across. So, here goes. Buy the Nexus 7. Unless you’re a huge Amazon user. Then get the Fire. There you go. No beating around the bush. Just a simple answer.

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Want to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on an Amazon Kindle Fire? You can. It’s an unofficial software update that’s not supported by Amazon — but once you’ve applied the update you can install the Amazon Kindle, MP3, and Appstore apps and use them …

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Hashcode’s Jelly Bean update for the Kindle Fire: Now with Netflix – Liliputing

Amazon, the online website giant, is rumored to rollout the Kindle Fire 2 in a fight to control their market share. Kindle Fire 2 will be their second-generation tablet in the Kindle Fire series. Facing competitors such as Google will be a …

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Ever since it launched, the Kindle Fire has been hacked like no tomorrow. Earlier this week, Google open-sourced Android (Jelly Bean) 4.1 for third-party modification. Nobody should be surprised to learn Kindle Fire owners can now install Jelly …

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Kindle Fire gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port – ZDNet

Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month? Our big rumor of the week is directly related to Google, so thankfully Karyne made it back to town just in time to witness the Google Glasses-wearing skydivers jump from a dirigible into Google I/O.

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