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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google unveiled its attempt to catch up to Apple and Amazon in the growing market for tablet computers. It also provided a titillating glimpse at its vision of a digital future through the mind-boggling lens of Internet-connected glasses.

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Google sells small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire – NewsChannel 9 WSYR

PC World — Amazon has big plans for its coming onslaught of tablets to compete with Apple’s iPad and Google’s Nexus 7. Reuters reports Staples US Retail president, Demos Parneros as saying there are five or six upcoming tablets, among them a …

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Amazon Readying Multiple New Kindle Tablets, According to Staples – CIO

Staples President Demos Parneros said he expects Amazon will launch five or six new Kindle devices, according to a report. Parneros also said that among those six, he expects one of them to have a 10-inch screen to match up with Apple’s iPad.

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Staples president reportedly expects as many as six new Kindles – Los Angeles Times

After a long wait, Barnes & Noble has finally unveiled a browser-based platform, allowing users to explore and read the company’s e-books from a Mac or PC. Dubbed Nook for Web, the platform requires no sign-in, software download, or Nook account …

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Nook goes after Kindle with browser-based service – CNET News

While the tech fraternity works itself up into a frenzy as to whether we’ll be seeing an iPad Mini, Amazon could be set to go in the opposite direction by increasing the size of its display for the next version of the Kindle Fire. According to the same …

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Kindle Fire 2 to have larger screen to rival iPad – Pocket-lint.com

(EMAILWIRE.COM, July 16, 2012 ) Goshen, MA – As adoption of ereaders like Kindle, Nook and Kobo skyrockets, along with the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones for reading books, authors and publishers are busily creating original works …

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Kindle Publishing for Writers and Entrepreneurs: Summer Course Leader Corrects Misconceptions about Kindle Ebook Publication – Emailwire

I truly enjoy trying to figure out where Barnes and Noble is heading next with the Nook.  My track record at this has been spotty so far, but for some reason it’s fun, and given how out of favor they are I don’t really have a lot of competition.

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Kindle Rumors Imply Nook Smartphone – Motley Fool

We carry expensive gadgets on us all the time now. On a flight we listen to music on an iPhone or read on a Kindle ebook reader. We watch movies on an iPad or play Angry birds on an Android. But what do you do if you misplace that device …

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You CAN recover stolen or lost gadgets, but it ain’t easy – Beta News

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google will sell a small tablet computer bearing its brand in a challenge to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Nexus 7 is designed specifically for Google Play, the online store that sells movies, music, books, apps and other content — the …

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Google tablet seeks to be Kindle killer – The Daily News Online

Amazon is planning three new Kindle Fire tablets to go mano a mano against rivals Google and Apple, according to industry tracker DisplaySearch. Online retail giant Amazon is eyeing production of the new tablets — all with 7-inch screens …

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Report: Amazon plans 3 new Kindle Fire tablets to rival iPads – USA Today