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Sources say Amazon.com is preparing to launch a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet, just as the tablet market, so far dominated by Apple, is heating up to include Google and Microsoft. All Things D reports that Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is approaching …

Amazon to ship new Kindle Fire in Q3 – The Business Journal

Video description: Amazon may soon launch a front-lit Kindle, the postmaster pushes QR codes and Facebook’s value could go beyond $100 billion — even if it’s seen a “passing fad.” We have news on the Amazon Kindle DX, Sony sneaks in an e-reader of its own …

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Facebook’s price too high for a ‘fad’? Video – CNET News

ABC’s Ariane de Vogue reports: Justice Elena Kagan has studied Justice Antonin Scalia‚Äôs method of reading court briefs on his Ipad, but has decided she is better suited to tackling the mountain of briefs associated with her new job on her Kindle. In an …

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Justice Elena Kagan: Kindle Over Ipad and Other Supreme Court Insights – ABC News Blogs