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This tablet is all I expected and more 10. I just love my Kindle Fire, the only thing missing is a way to use a micro chip even if it was for storage/memory and not for upload. Other than that the movie streaming and the games (many R free) & colors are …

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Kindle Fire Coupon Code , Discount code $30 OFF (limited only) – PRLog (free press release)

Cnet’s Roger Cheng reports that Cowen analyst Kevin Kopelman cut his forecast on Amazon’s revenue and sales of its Kindle Fire tablet. He expects the Kindle Fire will sell 12 million units this year, 2 million less than his previous forecast of …

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Nexus 7 Selling Out, Dousing Kindle Fire – YAHOO!

Apple is building a miniature iPad to rival Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet, as a battle royal over tablet computers shapes up among technology’s biggest names. Apple, the world’s most valuable company, is moving toward mass …

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Miniature iPad may arrive by holidays – AZCentral.com

For a platform that was built to handle text documents, Amazon Kindle’s support for non Kindle-formatted files has been nothing short of atrocious. Wirelessly sending documents to a Kindle required that they be emailed to a Kindle email address …

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Amazon fixed one of the most broken things about Kindle Fire, now it needs to fix the rest – Beta News

In January, Amazon sent a crew of 40 to The Palms Private Residence Club on the serene coast of Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica to shoot the new Amazon Kindle Fire commercial.

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The Palms Private Residence Club is the Backdrop for New Amazon Kindle Fire Commercial – Houston Chronicle

DISH Newtork, LLC (DISH) is working with Blockbuster to create Blockbuster Movie Pass. Available exclusively for DISH Network subscribers, Movie Pass offers streaming videos, plus DVDs and games by mail, for rates starting as low as $10 per …

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New Ways to Watch TV and Borrowed Books via Kindle – FOXBusiness

Just as the television set has failed to replace the movie theater, I have no fear that the Kindle E-reader will ever completely replace the book, as suggested in a May 1 letter to the editor. It is only a different way to enjoy the same content …

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Letter: E-books expand the joy of reading – Memphis Commercial Appeal