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While the iPad and a slew of less-obvious competitors duke it out for the premium end of the tablet pool, Amazon has made a big splash with its $199 Kindle Fire, a smaller and significantly cheaper option – and Barnes & Noble has its own like-priced …

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Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet: which should you buy? – Techradar.com

I get a lot of technology questions from my friends and family, but lately I’ve gotten the following questions very frequently: “Should I get a tablet or an e-reader? Oh, and if I go with an e-reader, should I go Nook or Kindle?” That first …

Kindle vs. Nook: Which One is The Best $99 E-Reader? – ABC News

When Barnes & Noble launched the Nook Tablet last fall, it did so at a higher price and with more storage space than the rival Amazon Kindle Fire. But on Tuesday, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet was dropped down to Amazon’s level.

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Barnes & Noble announces $199 Nook Tablet aimed at Kindle Fire – Los Angeles Times

nook_tabletIs Barnes & Noble launching an 8GB Android tablet to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet?

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Look Out, Kindle Fire: Barnes & Noble to Launch Cheaper Nook This Week [REPORT] – YAHOO!

Summary: Kobo’s answer to the Nook Touch and Kindle Fire will be sold at Best Buy, the company announced. Kobo is trying to get consumers interested in its Vox eReader, and there’s probably no better way to do that than by letting people to …

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Joining Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, Kobo’s Vox eReader lands at Best Buy – ZDNet

They’ve got the brand names of popular black and white e-readers. But the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are, as the latter’s name implies, basically miniature tablets like the iPad.

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The Kindle and Nook — Good for More Than Just E-Books – YAHOO!

Barnes & Noble may be challenging Amazon’s dominance of the e-book world, but Kindle sales are still growing faster than the Nook’s — at least if you connect the dots between some of the numbers included in a recently-published article by …

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Kindle Sales Growing Faster Than The Nook’s – Salon

A quick search for the Nook app in the Kindle Fire’s Appstore results in absolutely nothing.

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How to read your Nook books on the Kindle Fire – CNet

The Nook eBook store has millions of books and videos while the Nook Newsstand has more than 250 magazines and newspapers (comparable to Amazon). One nice feature in the Nook Tablet is an integrated microphone that enables a ‘record and read’ feature …

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Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet Finally Give Apple iPad a Run for the Money – eWeek

E-readers like the Nook Color and Kindle Fire only run Android “under the hood,” so to speak. Everything on top was made by either Barnes & Noble or Amazon, and was designed to make it easy for you to read and buy books and videos. Normal Android was …

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Turning Your Kindle or Nook into a ‘Real’ Android Tablet – YAHOO!