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Amazon may reveal its new Kindle product line in July. A “credible” unnamed source has informed CNET that Amazon plans to launch its second-generation Kindle Fire tablet during an event scheduled for July 31. The news follows recent reports claiming that …

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Kindle Fire 2 Could Launch in July – Tom’s Guide

What’s next for Kindle hardware? Well, a credible source has told CNET that Amazon will unveil a second-generation Kindle Fire this summer and that it’s targeting July 31st for a launch event. The DigiTimes article cited the usual sources in the …

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Kindle Fire 2 may hit as soon as July – CNET News

The next time you buy a Kindle from Amazon.com (Nasdaq: AMZN) you may have to put up with ads on the welcome screen. The Kindle Fire is the most popular product that Amazon currently has on offer. As a result, the company’s advertising department is …

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Are Kindle Ads A New Direction For Amazon? – msnbc.com

My house seems full of Kindles of every kind, but I decided to buy the Kindle Touch after reading a couple of reviews written by people who seemed to prefer it over the other models. I like it for the following reasons: 1.) It is lighter in weight and …

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Amazon coupon codes 2012 for Kindle Touch 3G, all discount codes, deals and promos 2012 – PRLog (free press release)

Get Amazon Kindle Touch 3G coupon codes, deals and promotional codes at the May and June 2012 to buy Kindle Touch 3G with cheapest price. if you like read book,Kindle Touch 3G is the best choice, you can read books wherever you want. Buy cheap Kindle Touch …

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Amazon Kindle Touch 3G coupon codes, deals and promotional codes at the May and June 2012 – PRLog (free press release)

Amazon has reportedly begun pitching to advertising agencies the opportunity to advertise on the welcome screen of its Kindle Fire tablet for a price of $600,000. Details on the program were shared this week by an executive at an ad agency with Ad Age.

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Amazon planning to sell ads on Kindle Fire welcome screen – Apple Insider

Will the Kindle Fire’s home screen soon double as a color billboard for advertisers? Ad Age reports that Amazon is pitching the idea to ad agency executives, although it’s unclear if the online retailer plans to bring ads to the current generation of …

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Amazon May Bring Ads to the Kindle Fire – PC World

You either had to buy a clip-on light or a case that had an integrated flip-out light built into it. Amazon charges $59.99 for its Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover. Barnes & Noble considers its integrated GlowLight as a key differentiating feature.

Barnes & Noble beats Amazon to the punch with lighted e-ink Nook (hands-on) – CNET News

A few months ago, I bought a Kindle. The cheap kind: $79, with “Special Offers.” I bought it because I wanted to read more efficiently, and because the iPad 2’s screen was giving me eye fatigue. You’d think that with the new Retina Display iPad …

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Retina Display iPad vs. e-ink Kindle: Which do I prefer for reading? – CNET News

To anyone predicting the future a decade ago, the fact books exist at all in the 21st century would be a surprise. It would seem a form of entertainment in which you have to imagine the scenery, the characters’ appearances and the special effects wouldn …

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Kindle, Sony or Apple: Which e-reader do you want for Christmas? – Daily Mail