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Somewhere, Jeff Bezos just punched a wall with his bare fist. The Amazon CEO is angry, frustrated, bloodied — he must be! — because his company’s Kindle Fire just got totally upstaged and outshined by Google and its inspired new Nexus 7 tablet.

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Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire: Google Smacks Amazon With Superior $199 Tablet – Huffington Post

The Nook-Kindle ereader rivalry just took an odd turn. Blogger Philip Howard noticed an error in Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace while reading the monstrous novel on his Nook ereader; he saw that the word “kindle” had apparently been swapped for the …

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‘War and Peace’ Nook Ebook Found Without Any Mention Of Word ‘Kindle’ – Huffington Post

HBO GO has been all over the news this week! First, an entrepreneurial Game of Thrones fan launched a website imploring HBO to make the HBO GO app — and with it, its library of shows and movies both new and old — available to those who did not …

Kindle Fire Gets HBO GO App Before Any Other Android Tablet – Huffington Post

As a writer, I spend a lot of time reading through and participating in forums on various sites, not just to connect with other writers but also to keep up with readers who are, of course, the backbone of a writer’s career. I was somewhat disturbed …

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Kindle Books: Does Low Price Mean Low Quality? – Huffington Post

I’ve written previously about how Amazon’s Kindle and their KDP Select program is bringing new writers to the book publishing world, bypassing traditional publishers. But sometimes, established writers are finding a new voice there too. Randy Cassingham is …

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The New Business Model of Book Publishing – Huffington Post

E Ink readers like the Kindle and the NOOK are great for reading in the sunshine, but when it gets dark out, you face a problem: You either have to attach a flashlight to the device or turn on a light in your home. With its newest NOOK Simple …

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NOOK Simple Touch To Feature E Ink Screen With First-Of-Its-Kind ‘GlowLight’ – Huffington Post